From Indian Lakes @ Strummer’s on December 19


As we’ve stated previously on this site, the guys of From Indian Lakes are no stranger to the area. They’ve packed their bags to hit the road on more occasions than most band from these parts combined. Not to knock any of the bands included, but that really has to speak volumes about the band’s drive and motivation.

Also, they may have taken a Religious Appeal affiliate on the road…but we won’t confirm or deny that.

From Indian Lakes will be heading to Fresno for the first time since releasing their new album Absent Sounds. We can’t wait for you to see the band in a fresh new light while reminiscing on older favorites. We will be announcing openers very soon. In the meantime, here are the details:

Religious Appeal presents
From Indian Lakes
December 19, 2014
@ Strummer’s
Fresno, CA


Tickets are on sale now and available here.

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A few years ago, this started out as an all-local festival in a backyard. Today, we are not only taking over the Tower District. We are hosting heroes and bands from all over the country. Who would have thought that we would be hosting Owen, Tera Melso, T/T/T, Lemuria and a whole lot of other great musicians for the 2014 edition? We are glad that we can not only preserve the memory of our friend Nick, but also expand the festival into something that everyone can enjoy.

This is a big day for everyone involved and we hope that you can join us. Here is a rundown at how the day is looking:

Doors/ 1:00 pm
Sci-Fi Caper/ 1:30-1:55
Feed Me Jack/ 2:15-2:40
Brown Bags/ 3:00-3:25
Littlest Viking/ 3:45-4:15
Light Thieves/ 4:35-5:05
There/They’re/Their/ 5:25-6:00
Lemuria/ 6:20-7:05
Tera Melos/ 7:35-8:20
Owen/ 8:45-9:30

Come hang out with us this Memorial Day weekend. Sure, it’ll be a warm day, but why sit in front of your TV watching Real Housewives reruns instead of drinking Tioga Sequoia beer, hanging out with friends, and watching some amazing touring bands? Make this a memorable weekend.

Also, don’t forget that there is a FREE after party at Strummers!


See everyone today!

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May 24, 2014 · 8:57 AM

Nickfest Announcement #2: Owen and Tera Melos added

Nickfest Announcement #2: Owen and Tera Melos added

We’ve already announced that Lemuria and Their/They’re/There will be joining the party, but now we are ready to announce Owen, Tera Melos and more to join the lineup:

Tera Melos
Littlest Viking
Brown Bags
Light Thieves
Feed Me Jack
Sci-Fi Capers

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April 11, 2014 · 10:42 AM

NICKFEST 2014: Announcement #1

NICKFEST 2014:  Announcement #1

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching. What does that mean for Fresno music fans? Why, it means that the third annual Nickfest is quickly approaching!

Nickfest has come a long way since the inaugural festival in 2012, which found full-time house/part-time punk basement The Ranch as host – complete with a set from Fierce Creatures and a one-time reunion from old Fresno favorites They Call Me Greyhound. We helped start the festival as a way to remember our friend Nick Henebury. We are extremely lucky to have been approached by the family.

Last year, we were able to hold the festival in the Tower District thanks to The Tower Marketing Committee. Seems only natural to party in one of our favorite neighborhoods, doesn’t it? That year saw performances locals Strange Vine, Achievement House, Light Thieves and touring bands like Weatherbox, Hard Girls, and The Speed of Sound In Seawater.

With the 2014 edition of the festival, we’ve really tried to go big. This year’s festivities will be on May 24th and will again be held at the Golden parking lot, located on Wishon and Olive. We are about ready to announce the complete lineup, but we want to give you guys a taste of what is in store for this year.

We are proud to announce Lemuria , Their/They’re/There and Sci-Fi Caper on this year’s Nickfest lineup.

Buffalo, NY trio Lemuria are creating smart pop songs that please both indie and punk kids alike. The band has shown music listeners that four chords and female-fronted vocals can be a fierce combination. Their latest album, The Distance Is So Big, has launched the band into mainstream rock territory – receiving press from the likes of NPR and Spin magazine. They’ve toured with the likes of Against Me!, New Found Glory and The Queers in the past and just announced a tour with The Menzingers. Recently, they shared the stage with Slayer, MGMT and Washed Out at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX.

Fun fact: Hayley Williams of Paramore attended a Lemuria show and helped get them signed to their current label, Bridge Nine.

Their/They’re/There’s members need no introduction. Singer Evan Weiss is known for his part-time solo/part-time band project Into It. Over It. His project has been considered by many to be the leader of the latest wave of ‘emo revival.’ His rigorous touring schedule led to an opening spot for Owen, the celebrated acoustic act started by Mike Kinsella. Kinsella has grown from Chicago scene staple to music nerd hero, having been a member of influential bands such as Cap’n Jazz and American Football. Their/They’re/There finds Weiss offering his hooks that fans have come to know and love with Kinsella on drums and Matthew Frank on guitar.

Their/They’re/There put out two releases on Polyvinyl Records in 2013 – a self-titled EP and the Analog Weekend EP.

We couldn’t invite these touring acts to the Central Valley without throwing Sci-Fi Caper on the bill. From gigs at C.A.F.E. Infoshop to Peeve’s Public House, the band has received love from all sorts of Fresno music fans. Think of their music as a cross between Ramones punk rock and Motown harmonies.

Save the date and we will see you there!



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April 2, 2014 · 9:01 AM

From Indian Lakes at Strummer’s on April 6th. Tickets on sale now!

From Indian Lakes at Strummer's on April 6th.  Tickets on sale now!

When you think of local bands, do you think of From Indian Lakes?

These guys got there start right here in our area. Over the last few years, they’ve ventured out and found love from music fans all over the place. The support has been tremendous; especially after they released Able Bodies at the end of 2012.

Not too bad for some kids that started making some noise in the mountains.

Next month, they will embark on something they have become pros at doing – touring the US. On this trip, they’ll make a stop at SXSW and end the run in Fresno. Come out and support these guys with some hometown love. They could definitely use some familiar faces and even some new ones at Strummer’s.

This show will be ALL AGES at the new Strummer’s venue in Fresno’s Tower District. Who else will be playing with them? We will have more info on that at the end of the week.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via the link here.

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January 21, 2014 · 10:03 AM

TONIGHT: The Speed of Sound in Seawater, Midwest Moms + more at CYC!


Nine years ago, we started Religious Appeal with Set Your Goals and Comadre at the Boys & Girls Club.  Five years ago, we started booking at CYC with Comadre and Dangers.

Now, we are ready to start the new year with The Speed of Sound in Seawater.

The dudes in Speedwater (as some know them) have been partying/playing in Fresno for years now – from previous shows at CYC to The Ranch to Nickfest.  They’re extremely young, but much more talented than most people their age.  No seriously.  Check it out.

Feed Me Jack is currently on tour with TSOSIS via Santa Cruz, CA.  We checked them out and we can’t stop listening!

When we listen to Cursed Graves, some really evil shit pops into our heads.  We dig it.  More evil thoughts in 2014.

Midwest Moms will make you sad, but in a listen-to-Bauhaus-alone-in-your-room kind of way.  We need more of that in Fresno.  The sad times are here in Fresno and these are the little pioneers.

Some Kind of Wonderful used to be a local staple.  Like most bands from that past local era, they bit the dust…but surprise!  They’re back with a whole new approach.  We can’t wait to see them back at it tonight.

Full details:

The Speed of Sound in Seawater

Feed Me Jack

Cursed Graves

Midwest Moms

Some Kind of Wonderful


901 F St.



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TONIGHT: Adventures at Milf Mountain

TONIGHT: Adventures at Milf Mountain

If you’ve been following the latest music offerings from punk music blogs and Tumblr, you are sure to know Adventures by now.
These guys (and girl) were known collectively only as the aggressive outfit Code Orange Kids through most of the recent years. Now, they’ve been leading a strong push for their less-anger-more-emotional band Adventures.
They recently released their EP Clear My Head With You on No Sleep records and our embarking on their first west coast tour as this new project. Tonight, they will be playing Milf Mountain.
We can’t wait to see how tonight turns out. It is sure to be a warm time tonight at Milf Mountain. On board for this show are San Francisco band Aleutia, Dependence, The Milford Higgins and Favorite Child. We believe this how represents the best of Fresno bands that like to show their emotional side. We are stoked that they will all be playing under one roof tonight with an amazing band such as Adventures.

See you all tonight at Milf Mountain. It’s going down.

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June 27, 2013 · 9:09 AM

Catacomb Party Update: the final band announcement

Catacomb Party Update: the final band announcement

So what do you think? We’ve added quite a few bands to this list.

Who exactly? Well, for starters STRANGE VINE has been added. As I’ve stated before, these guys are a duo of machines. They are constantly working and always have cool things up their sleeves.

We’ve also added our friend Gayle Skidmore from San Diego and local Americana band Copper & Glass and bluegrass band Stable hands. Our friends in First Crush are putting together a stage to go with our pretty cool skate demo (brought to you by the Boardroom).

Shout out to Wallflower and Dependence for bringing the punk rock to the festival

Anyways, check out the full line up here.

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June 25, 2013 · 11:01 AM

Rotting Out, Take Offense & Minus at CYC on 8/1

Rotting Out, Take Offense & Minus at CYC on 8/1

We were on a good run with hardcore before we switched gears for a second.
Well, now we are excited to announce Rotting Out at CYC. It’s been well over a year since they’ve been around here. Was it with Stick Together? It’s been so long we can’t even remember!
They’ll be coming around with Take Offense and Minus – two other bands that are no stranger to CYC.
We are excited to see these guys come back. It is always a crazy (and loud) time when they come through.
More info, including locals, to be announced soon.

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June 22, 2013 · 11:21 AM

Catacomb Party 2013


Ok, so you guys have been waiting long enough.

Who is playing this year’s Catacomb Party?

Go check out the complete list of musicians, artists and partners at the Catacomb Party website!

A list of musicians featured:

Rich Medina
Sleepover Disaster

and more! Go check out the site!

TONY ALLEN, afrobeat legend, and FASHAWN, the hottest hip hop artist out of Fresno, will be headliners of this year’s party.

Tony Allen has been making music since the ’60s and has been cited as a major influences to many of music’s best drummers. He is also credited as a major player in developing afrobeat music. We were lucky enough to catch him perform a few years ago at Coachella with members of the Clash and Blur in The Good, The Bad, The Queen.

Fashawn needs no introduction to Fresno, but just in case you have been living under a rock – He’s been on the cover of XXL magazine and has toured with the likes of Ghostface Killah and Wiz Khalifa. His album Boy Meets World received love from critics and casual music listeners alike. Even though he is from Fresno, he doesn’t play locally as much as other Fresno musicians. We are excited that he will be a part of this year’s festival.

There are more national acts this year. Many of them have found a very large fanbase – whether it be in the punk, hip hop, and indie world. We want to expose you to the different worlds you may not be familiar with. If there is a band on the bill you have not heard before, give them a listen!

We want to thank our friends over at Love The Captive for helping us out with curating the music this year. We have added an additional stage to the festival!

Of course, music isn’t the only thing we are offering. Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company are back this year and they have brewed up something special for the festival: Catacomb Brew. That’s right! A special beer just for concert attendees. They can’t wait for you to try it.

Oh, and did you know? Just like last year, this event is FREE and ALL AGES!

Tell your friends, family, strangers, coworkers, exes, roommates, bandmates, your bartender, your mailman, your barista, etc. This is gonna be a wild one.

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June 10, 2013 · 1:26 AM